Who is the Spirit DJ?

Hey Babe! I'm Jo Westwood, otherwise known as the Spirit DJ.

In my work as a super practical spiritual life coach I bring together my own life experience with my personal journey of self development, and discovery of Spirituality, to deliver messages of universal truth and mentor highly motivated, high achieving women how to be happier, more fulfilled and successful in their lives, whatever challenges they may face.

I've been told an I'm old soul and maybe this has something to do with it... Though I'm only 30 I've spent the last 8 years on the entrepreneurial and personal development path. Two of those years I spent travelling the world and working with some of the most innovative and high profile business and life coaches in the industry as the Social Media DJ. 

Even though I had a totally Instagram worthy life something was missing. I felt unfulfilled, unmotivated, stagnant and stuck. And I couldn't tell anyone, because from the outside I looked like I had it all together. I even felt like I was being ungrateful for my awesome life - especially when I had friends telling me every day how jealous they were of my adventures when they were stuck in their 9-5's.

After a really difficult break up I was literally, figuratively and emotionally down on my knees, asking for help, from who, what or where I didn't know. Then I experienced a revelation and discovered Spirituality (terribly un-British of me, I know!)

But nonetheless I was guided to make a shift in my business and follow my life’s purpose: to help women get reconnected to their spiritual selves so that they can step out of frustration, procrastination, overwhelm and anxiety and live happier, calmer, more confident and fulfilled lives with energy and clarity and a deeper connection to Source.

The official bio: Jo Westwood, Hay House Author, Co-Creator of #HigherSelfie and head game changer at The Spirit DJ breaks down spiritual concepts better than the Beastie Boys break beats! ;-) Hailing from Nottingham, not New York, she remixes ethereal, deep, spiritual concepts to make them accessible, practical and relatable to help the digital generation be more present, peaceful and connected in this manic modern world. In short, she delivers spiritual solutions for your real life shiz.

Thanks for stopping by xo