Are you a high achieving woman? Do you struggle with feelings of frustration, stagnation and lack of fulfilment?
Are you stuck in relationships that drain you instead of energising you?
Are you paralysed by feeling like you need to keep up appearances as a high achiever but perhaps everything is not rosy behind the scenes of your successful career?
Then I'm your woman. Allow me to support you in leaving average behind (as swanky as your version of average may look) and stepping into your true, authentic magnitude.

I help 30-something creatives and change makers who have successful 6 figure+ careers to plug back into the mains and experience the connection, authenticity and magnitude that they know is possible for them, using spiritual solutions powered by A Course in Miracles.

Join my online community and I'll immediately send you my transformational Energising Meditation and a link to join my Spirit Lovers Community. I'll also send you emails from time to time when I'm inspired and have something of true value to share. Welcome to the tribe, sister xo

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